Sunday, April 25, 2010

Heaven and Hell

Since all criminals will get into heaven if they repent, it may not be such a great place after all. Of coarse it is just imaginary, but this is what I imagine heaven's gates to be like.

That means only us atheists make it to hell. Hell is definately the place you want to be.


  1. You would rather be tortured forever than hang around religious folk?

    I hear this sort of thing from atheists all the time, and it's really weak. Why would you wanna use this? There are so many legitimate arguments against religion and it's so easy to poke holes in theirs, yet I keep seeing this sort of thing come up. I'd love to go to heaven, I just don't think it exists.

    No one ever said you have to hang out with the other residents in heaven, but people have said you don't get to have any fun in hell. Heaven is the good place whether you're a child-raping priest or an evolutionary biologist. Heaven is whatever you want, and hell is whatever you don't want. So if you're a masochist then I guess you wouldn't be tortured in hell.

    Yeah, I know everybody thinks of heaven and hell differently, but this is what I was taught and I think it's a fairly prevalent view. And why should we be the ones defining heaven and hell when we don't even believe they exist?

  2. Well Kyle, I'm sorry you can't understand the fact that some of us atheists like to poke fun at the thought of those imaginary places from time to time. And seriously, if they were real, yes, I would rather go to hell than spend eternity worshiping that egomaniac god of theirs. But since there is no god, no heaven, no hell, and seeing how ridiculous the whole thing is, I have no problem poking fun at it. It's called, "having a little fun". Try it sometime.

    Really, you should keep your "I know what is best for all atheists" attitude in check. Most of us don't like to be told how we should act according to some "atheist doctrine" you think exists. Get over yourself and move along.

    Good luck with other free-thinking individuals, I;m sure their reaction will be similar.